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What Job Seekers Want from their 2022 Job Offers

As we start another year, many of the challenges faced in 2021 are still with us—for instance, the Great Resignation. In addition, as employees are leaving their jobs or industry for a more suitable role, demand for workers has continued to increase.  

In November 2021, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the number of people who quit their jobs reached 4.5 million.  

With workers continuing to resign, job seekers now have the most influence in the interview room. As the pandemic has caused workers to re-evaluate what they want in a job, they are now seeking roles providing work-life balance as companies scramble for employees. 

For companies looking to hire in 2022, consider these five factors, job candidates want in their job offers.   

Competitive Wage  

What employees want in 2022
Source: ASA

In a recent poll from the American Staffing Association, 63% of workers cited pay rate/salary as the most crucial factor in searching for a new job in the next year. This makes offering a competitive wage an important appeal towards attracting talent.   

With wages growing 4.9% from 2020 to 2021, candidates expect an increased salary, especially as various companies and industries offer sign-on bonuses.   

While you can put down a fixed salary range in a job posting, be open to reasonable negotiation in the interview. 


The pandemic has shown us remote work is possible, sparking employees to find a job that suits their life. Most recently, Bolt, an e-commerce company, announced earlier this month that they are permanently moving to a four-day a week work schedule. This model made employees happier and more productive.

However, this option is not feasible for all companies or industries, thus offer employees the opportunity to work in either a hybrid or remote setting to draw top talent.   

Although some jobs in the transportation and engineering fields do not allow for remote work, employees should still control their work schedules. SHRM recommends giving employees flexible scheduling options and “schedule certainty” to meet their needs outside of work.  

Not only will employees be happier in their work-life balance, but it allows them to manage their home responsibilities easily. For instance, schedule flexibility can help those manage their caretaker duties or provide the opportunity to become engaged in their community.  


In an article from Dice, numerous benefits job seekers might come across in their job search this year include telehealth, reduced health care premiums, and mental health coverage. In addition, remote workers also expect to see numerous benefits such as office-setup stipends, childcare support, or other initiatives to bring the office culture into their home.   

While benefits have always been a crucial part of any job offer, a competitive employee package can help an organization distinguish its culture from other major companies in the era of a growing hiring pool.  

Always acknowledge that supporting employees outside of the office supports employees in the office.  

Career Training Programs 

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Another draw for job seekers is companies who offer career development workshops or contribute to an employee’s educational costs. Current companies that offer tuition reimbursement programs include Liberty Mutual, Amazon, and Starbucks. While each program is different, Liberty Mutual’s program is eligible for those undertaking an undergraduate or graduate degree.   

For companies unable to support the cost of a degree, another option is allowing workers to participate in a certificate course or webinar series to build on essential skills needed to grow their training.   

These programs create dedicated employees, but when positions in the company open, it allows for hiring from within as your current talent pool will have the knowledge and skills to succeed in a new role.  

Vaccine Policy    

Vaccine Manadate Infographic

In advertising your jobs, also consider including your COVID-19 Protocols or Vaccination requirements. With vaccines more widely available, more companies include their COVID-19 policies in their job descriptions. Including these policies is an increasing trend for companies as vaccines are widely available across the U.S.  

As employers are looking to create a safe work environment, job seekers now consider companies’ COVID policies in their job search, as they want to be protected against COVID-19 in the workplace. 


Finally, remember these five factors are essential when trying to attract new employees.   

As more of the workforce enters the hiring pool, companies need to provide opportunities that suit their employees’ lifestyles and needs. For companies putting together hiring packages, remember these features when attracting top talent. 

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