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HEPCO’s Top Recruiting Trends of 2021

With a drive to succeed, HEPCO has made enhancements for company growth throughout 2021. As we aim to further establish our presence in the federal contracting market, HEPCO has enhanced some practices that will provide opportunities for our job seekers and solutions for our clients.  

As we prepare to advance, we reflect on the top five business trends HEPCO has relied on to make company improvements.   

1) Virtual Hiring    

HEPCO’s nationwide presence has made us no stranger to online recruiting. As many companies struggled to adopt virtual recruiting, HEPCO has continued sourcing and placing candidates without delay. Through our recruiting process, we have been able to coach, direct and source our candidates throughout the application and interviewing process. With a hybrid work model, HEPCO is grateful for the flexibility that online recruiting gives our candidates as we seek to continue virtual recruiting.    

2) Reliance on Technology   

In 2020, HEPCO moved to a paper-free onboarding and application process. This simple change allows HEPCO greater flexibility in remote work, as it helps us maximize our capacity in our communication and recruiting efforts.    

Dedicated to using all the resources available to us, HEPCO has further relied on technology by:   

  • ATS integration of our website to mainstream the application process.  
  • Increasing website presence through ad campaigns.    
  • Offering career advice and company updates on company LinkedIn and blog.   

HEPCO looks to offer our customers the information and resources they need to achieve their career goals.  

3) Consideration   

A common complaint from job seekers is never hearing a response after applying for a position. Only 27% of employers have not ghosted a candidate in the past year. HEPCO is determined to provide feedback to all candidates. While the process can be time-consuming, HEPCO knows showing our gratitude to the job seekers is the right thing to do.  

“No candidate should ever be left to wonder if their application was received when they take their time to thoughtfully apply. HEPCO is committed to taking the time to consider each application and sending a response to the applicant.”    

Chris Kasker, COO & SVP   

 While some recruiters look at replying to all applicants as time-consuming, HEPCO knows that when responding to our job seekers we are showing our appreciation for the time they took in applying.   

With the hiring process, more digital than ever before, it’s important to remember that on the other side of the screen is a hopeful job seeker looking to land a job.  

4) Individualized Attention   

A benefit of a small company is that we can dedicate meaningful time to speaking with our qualified candidates. One-on-one attention allows us to learn about our candidates’ goals and experiences to find a job best suited for them and not one picked by an algorithm. HEPCO has always been committed to individualized attention as our job seekers are finding comfort in knowing they are speaking to a real person.  

A recent trend among companies is the reliance on predicitive analysis and AI in determining who will be the best fit for the job, and if they are more likely to succeed. However, instead of relying on a computer to decide, our size gives us the advantage of dedicating meaningful time to our qualified candidates.  

As we learn about our candidates’ goals, experiences, and character, we can identify a job best suited for them. In addition, our approach allows us to forge genuine bonds with our candidates as we seek to offer a personal connection many have been missing lately.   

5) Team Training    

To reach our goals, we are focusing on training. As a result, we have participated in many online educational programs designed to improve our company operations.  

Some programs we have participated in are the:   

  • Veterans Institute for Procurement GROW Program    
  • Transformative Leadership in Disruptive Times Certificate Program at Seton Hall’s Stillman School of Business 
  • Sandler Foundations in Sales   
  • Various ASA and Haley Marketing Webinars on Recruiting    


With more in store for HEPCO in the coming months, we will be relying on these trends as we fulfill our commitment to providing IT and engineering solutions to our clients.