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From Battlefield to Boardroom: HEPCO’s COO Receives Veteran Institute For Procurement Certification


HEPCO is pleased to announce that Chief Operating Officer, Christopher Kasker, graduated from the Veteran Institute Procurement (VIP) GROW Program on June 29, 2021. Chris is dedicated to expanding HEPCO’s capacity and improving the client and candidate experience.  

A comprehensive training and certification course, the VIP GROW Program is designed to help veteran-owned businesses strengthen their ability to win government contracts. With this certification, HEPCO looks to increase our work with government, military and civilian agencies. HEPCO’s goal is to become a “go-to” staffing firm in the federal contracting arena by growing our connections with government contractors. In addition, we hope to continue to provide our customers with a personalized staffing experience while offering exclusive job opportunities and services.   

“VIP Grow is a first-rate and comprehensive program,” said Kasker. “Not only was I exposed to impressive leaders from federal and contractor organizations who shared in-depth knowledge, but I became acquainted with 43 other small businesses and future teaming partners.”  

With VIP Grow Graduates having a proven history of growing their company 61% within one year of graduation and more than 224% two years after graduating, HEPCO is eager to join the ranks of VIP Grow Graduates who have successfully applied their training to the real world.  

As another step in HEPCO’s Strategic Growth Plan, this certification provided us with more knowledge of changing federal acquisition policies and requirements.   

The curriculum focuses on reducing risk to veteran-owned companies, their customers, and Accounting/ Budgets/ Developing Rates; Compliance Contracting – Teaming, Joint Ventures, RFI; Financing/Capital Management; Human Resources; Insurance; Marketing – Proposals & Capture Management; Program Management/Internal Controls.  

Now armed with the knowledge to reach our business needs, HEPCO will be applying this information into our operating model.   

“We are honored to give back to the men and women who served our country by providing them with the tools they need to succeed as government contractors,” said Barbara Ashe, National Director of VIP. “We hope this training fosters their success as businesses and employers.”  

In the past year, HEPCO has revitalized our website to improve the application process, participated in multiple online training programs, and has been working to increase internal company efficiency.   

As a small business, we continue seeking ways to offer big business services with a small business approach.   


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If you’re interested in learning more about the VIP GROW Program, please visit or contact Barbara Ashe at 301-738-0015 x 215 or bashe@nationalvip.orgor