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For Job Seekers

What is you application and hiring process like?

The first step in the application process is the application submission. If the recruiter determines you might be a possible fit for the job, they will reach out to further discuss your experience and goals. Once the recruiter submits your resume to the client, you will be contacted for an interview. If the client chooses to hire you, you will then go through negotiating the job offer. Also expect to undergo a background check and complete the new hire forms before your first day on the job.

When should I expect to hear a response regrading my application?

Clients should expect to hear a response after their initial application submission within 48 to 72 hours. If a candidate is determined to be a possible fit for a position, they should expect to hear directly from one of our recruiters.  

For Clients

What is your average time to hire?

While our average time to hire depends on the client and their needs, the typical amount of time from application submission to being hired is one to two months. 

What does your background check process include?

The types of background checks that will be made will depend on the client and what the job requires.  

How do you Identify Credible Candidates?

Credible Candidates are identified through our CRM, Job Diva, and we can find various qualified candidates through different job boards, such as Monster and Career Builder, among other job boards. Additionally, once we have identified a potential candidate, our team will reach out to the applicant to discuss their goals, interests, and what they are looking for to determine if they are a right fit for the job.   

How are your services paid for?

Services payment is negotiated with the client.   

What regions do you serve?

HEPCO is located in Saddle Brook, NJ but serves clients in 30 U.S States. While most of our jobs are located from New Hampshire to Virginia, we also serve clients in the West and Southwest USA.    

For Government Clientele

What is your past performance history?

If you are interested in learning more about our past performance, please reach out to to receive a copy of our capabilities statement. 

Where are you listed on Sam.Gov?

To find HEPCO Inc listed on, our DUNS number is 067491316 and our SUM UEI Z27KA13K91J8.   

What clients have you provided services for in the past?

Our previous clients include New York City Transit, Northrup Gruman, PSEG, BAE Systems, and Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions.  


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