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Need individuals with specific technical expertise? Defense contractors with unique qualifications? Whether you have a current project to complete or are looking to take on new challenges, HEPCO is the technical recruiting firm you want in your corner. From aerospace to telecom to transportation, our tenured, industry-experienced recruiters deliver on even the toughest-to-fill positions.

With HEPCO, you can:

Services We Provide


Adapt to variable demand, meet critical project goals and fill talent gaps with pre-screened, highly qualified contract employees from our technical recruiting firm. You will have access to the professionals you need to accomplish your business goals.


Evaluate a HEPCO employee on the job before extending an employment offer. This option allows you to assess skills and fit in the correct setting. It’s a solution that virtually eliminates the risk of making a bad hire.

Direct Hire

Streamline your search for candidates with tough-to-find skills. As a technical recruiting firm, HEPCO sources talent by reaching out to active and passive candidates. Choose from only the most qualified of those prospects, achieving more accurate results in less time and at a lower cost.


Reduce costs and simplify payroll administration by transferring employees of your choice onto our payroll. We handle benefits, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims – you avoid administrative headaches.


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