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HEPCO’s Year in Review

As 2021 is about to come to a close, HEPCO would like to take a step back and reflect on all the good this year has brought! We look forward to 2022 and getting to continue working with our amazing clients, candidates and partners!


COO Chris Kasker was named to the Advisory Board for the Transformative Leadership in Disruptive Times Certificate Program at Seton Hall University. This program is to help individuals develop their leadership skills through focusing on digital transformation, developing relationships, crisis management and boosting motivation among the work force.  



Target Gov Logo

HEPCO began working with Target Gov., to help boost our effectiveness in attracting federal clients. Additionally, HEPCO begins working with Sense to help streamline our communication efforts to enhance our efficiency and capability to recruit top talent.

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Veteran Institute for Procurement Certification for completion of the VIP Grow Program. Represented by COO, Chris Kasker, HEPCO was one among 43 small businesses taking this rigorous course to help small veteran-owned businesses grow in the federal market space.  

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After a slow start, HEPCO ended the year having hired twice as many people during the last six months as it did during the first six months of 2021. We already have more people scheduled to start work in January of 2022 than during the previous two Januarys.  


July- September 

HEPCO runs a paid display ad campaign with to help attract new outstanding talent. HEPCO received over 700,000 impressions and over 5,000 clicks from these ads.   

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On November 10th, COO Chris Kasker speaks on HRCI webinar, “How to Access an Amazing Source of Qualified Talent for your Vacancies” with Chief Warrant Officer Four, Kymila (Kim) Cheese, PHR. Speaking from his experience as a retired lieutenant colonel, Chris discussed how HR representatives can recruit retired servicemen and servicewomen, as they transition into civilian life. Additionally, he discussed how his experiences in the military helped him learn HR and leadership skills he has been able to transfer into his career post-military. 



HEPCO was recognized by CIANJ for their VIP Grow graduation.

Social Media Insights

As many companies are transitioning back to in-person work, most companies have adapted a new method of work, which includes hybrid work. In conducting a poll on LinkedIn, HEPCO has found that most followers prefer hybrid work, as it provides them with the flexibility to still maintain strong work relationships. Additionally, hybrid work gives individuals the ability to work-from-home and create focus hours for accomplishing important tasks.    

HEPCO LinkedIn Poll
Hybrid Work ranked the highest with 60% as the preferred method of work environment.


HEPCO thanks all our clients, candidates and stakeholders for their continuous support throughout the year and in the future.