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How to Choose the Best Recruiting Company for Your Needs

As an engineering, IT, and transportation recruiting and solutions company, we are grateful to have helped a wide variety of clients and candidates find the positions they need. However, for companies or candidates curious about choosing a recruiting company for their hiring services, there are some considerations one needs to consider before selecting a recruiting company.   

When choosing a recruiting company, the recruiting company and the job seeker or new clients must agree on two points. The first point is that the two parties must be aligned between what is needed and what is offered. To further describe this point, the company must have a proven history of sourcing IT professionals if a client is looking for employees in the IT sector. The second point is agreement among core values, as the recruiting agency must be able to offer the quality experience the job seeker or client expects to receive.  

Overall, a successful pairing between any two groups depends on the companies agreeing on what is needed and how it will be accomplished.  

As this article aims to go further in-depth into what clients and job seekers should find in a recruiting company, regardless of the situation, there must always be clear communication throughout.   

Here are five things one should look for when employing a recruiting company.   

 1. Specialties  

You first want to look for the company’s specialties and see if they offer jobs or have the skills needed to recruit individuals in a specific industry. Looking at a company’s specialties is crucial to choosing a business with experience in one’s field. As a prospective candidate or client, you want to hire a business proficient in the target industry.   

2. Services   

Secondly, one should review the company’s services, wherever offering temporary to permanent staffing solutions, direct hire roles, or payrolling solutions. Overall, when it comes to deciding if the services match one’s needs, it depends on what type of employment solution you want to offer candidates or the employment type you are seeking. To help understand this process, here are some definitions explaining the different hiring solutions.   

  • Temporary- Considered a contract worker for the organization you provide work for. Temporary roles may have a fixed end date.   
  • Temporary-to-Hire- Temporary-to-hire roles allow companies to bring in an employee on a fixed contract under the employment of the recruiting agency to evaluate their skills and decide if they want to hire the employee permanently.   
  • Direct Hire- Direct Hire roles allow companies to choose a qualified employee from the hiring pool for a permanent position.   
  • Payrolling- Payrolling solutions allow companies to hire an employee through the recruiting company, where the agency handles benefits, worker’s compensation, and unemployment claims.   

3. Reviews  

Thirdly one should look at the company’s reviews to see the experiences other clients and job seekers had with the agency. Individuals can look at company reviews through GoogleMyBusiness listings, Yelp, and Indeed. Additionally, one can look on LinkedIn and see what others are saying about the company online.    

Another note of importance when looking at company reviews is that some agencies might have a third-party review system, such as GreatRecuriters, that the company uses to manage their reviews and receive direct feedback on its services. For instance, HEPCO uses GreatRecruiters to gain immediate feedback on how their recruiters perform. Through GreatRecruiters, we are proud to rank above multiple of the Great Recruiter trait averages.   

 4. Company Values

After making sure that one has determined that the recruiting company matches one’s business and professional needs, one must also make sure that their values match up. Thus, one needs to look at the company’s mission statement and commitment to what type of recruiting experience they want to offer its candidates.   

To further explain this idea, HEPCO offers a timely, professional, and transparent recruiting experience, which is communicated throughout the website. Therefore, HEPCO has designed itself to match a company that is closely aligned with those needing a personalized approach and clear communication throughout the process.  

Generally, one can find this information under the about us page on the website, and the companies’ social media profiles.  

5. Network  

Lastly, one should also investigate a company’s network. This can include everything from seeing who they interact with on social media to examining some of their previous clients. Not only does this give job seekers and clients a better idea of their past performance, but for job seekers, it gives insight into who they can work for. Thus, if there is a specific company a candidate wants to work for, then searching for employment through a recruiting agency might help one land a job in their target company.    


Choosing a recruiting company to help one find an employee or a job that fits their needs is no easy task but taking the time and care to find a proven and suitable recruiting agency will create a fruitful partnership.

While we hope that by reading this article, you will be encouraged to choose HEPCO as your engineering, IT, and transportation recruiting agency, we recognize that there are many other companies from which you can choose for your hiring needs.