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Case Study with Transporation Company

In our almost 50-year history, we have fostered connections with dozens of clients needing our IT, Engineering, and Transportation solutions. In helping our clients, we have learned how to meet the goals of various organizations for IT, Engineering and Transportation success. Today we are excited to share a case study highlighting one of our longest clients and the important work we have accomplished for them.

The Challenge:

To keep the buses, subways, and train systems running in one of the biggest cities in the world, this transit company requires thousands of employees to make sure that all their customers have a pleasant experience. In addition to their own hiring managers, this organization needs help from various agencies to employ New York City’s public transportation system.   

The Solution:

Contracting with HEPCO over 17 years ago, this organization requested our expertise in providing engineering, transportation, and IT solutions. HEPCO was up to the task as our client needed  various individuals for civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, communications, and administrative support roles. To help fill these roles, the HEPCO team pulled on our expertise in finding highly qualified candidates as our team sought to provide our transportation client with the skills they needed.   

The results:

HEPCO has been a successful vendor for our client, employing an incredibly large number of talented individuals in the organization. Throughout the years we have filled positions like Network Specialists, Staff Analysts, Architects, Procurement Managers, Engineers, and Environmental Engineers. As a result, HEPCO is committed to helping our clients reach their goals as we have employed 85 over the past seven years. 

The HEPCO Commitment:

Through the HEPCO Commitment we aim to provide all our clients with the same level of attention and dedication  to help them fulfill their goals in the IT, Engineering and Transportation Sector. Whenever it is help in filling a skills gap or needing  a new team leader, HEPCO is committed to helping our clients meet their goals.  

Testimonials of Workers Placed with the Client:   

“The work I performed as a contractor at this transportation company was very intense and exciting. HEPCO employees the best architects and engineers for their transit client. I recommend that anybody looking for work at a great organization should first talk to an excellent company like HEPCO.” ~ Keith D., Contractor  

“HEPCO helped me land the job I was looking for. The staff negotiated on my behalf a good paying salary, that was higher than what I expected. Working for HEPCO has provided me with a secure income during my retirement in a position I enjoy.” ~ John H., Consultant   

           (Quotes have been edited to exclude client’s name).