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5 Important Industry Developments all Technical Workers should Know About

As breakthroughs in science and technology continue to evolve as the country takes a renewed focus towards the environment and rebuilding the country’s infrastructure, we are sharing essential client insights, which might influence some of the work our future placements might take on.   

1. Infrastructure Investment and Job Acts   

Signed into law by President Biden in November 2021, the Infrastructure Investment and Job Acts (IIJA) is putting $1 trillion into the U. S’s transportation and water infrastructure, focusing on expanding internet access and investing in clean energy.   

With an estimated 700,000 new jobs resulting from the bill, expect to see $10 million going to the Metropolitan Transit Authority in NYC to improve the city’s subways and commuter rails. As some money will be for making the subway system more accessible, HEPCO will be hiring more individuals for roles as project managers, engineers, and architects in the coming years.   

For instance, we are seeing more focus on the environmental aspect of N.Y.’s transportation system. As a result, we have seen a need for Environment Engineers to develop safe transportation systems and scope for potentially contaminated soil and waste disposal issues.   

2. PSEG’s Powering Progress   

For HEPCO job seekers who find themselves at PSEG, this infrastructure company has unveiled a new initiative that our workers could help make a reality.  

Powering Progress, PSEG’s environmental initiative is focused on producing clean energy and helping their customers use less energy for a safer tomorrow. Part of their changes in how they plan to achieve their goals includes: 

  • Modernizing N.J.’s infrastructure. 
  • Converting all their customers to smart meters. 
  • Revitalizing how energy is being stored. 

While these are just some parts of their plan towards reaching a more sustainable future, individuals’ part of PSEG’s workforce will soon have the opportunity to work on PSEG’s Powering Progress initiative for a greener future.   

Additionally, expect to see 300 clean energy jobs created each year because of the Powering Progress initiative.   

3. BAE Acquires BISim  

On March 7th, Aerospace company BAE Systems announced that they had acquired Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim). This global software company provides various simulations, software kits, and visualization methods for training military personnel. With this new acquisition, BAE will improve its military training offerings by adopting its simulation technologies.   

As the military training and simulation environment business continue to grow, the need for qualified employees to participate in this work is expected. Additionally, BAE is expected to open a new location in Austin, Texas, with more than 1,400 employees.   

4. Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Ongoing Projects  

While the MTA falls under the Infrastructure Investment and Job Acts, the New York City Transit Authority, is constantly undergoing multiple projects to improve its transportation systems.   

Some of these ongoing projects include:  

  • Reconstructing Penn Station.   
  • Expanding the Long Island Railroad.  
  • Revamping of the 42-street connection.   
  • Expanding transportation services to underserved areas of Queens and Brooklyn.  

Thus, individuals HEPCO might recruit for the MTA could expect to work for some of these various projects.   

5. Northrup Grumman Receives a $65 Million Contract from U.S. Navy   

As a critical aerospace and defense company, Northrup Grumman has been awarded a $65 million contract from the U.S. Navy to build the Link-16 system for the AH-1Z and UH-1Y aircraft used by the U.S Marine Corps. The Link-16 system will allow military aircraft to communicate and share data securely.   

Additionally, Northrup Grumman does receive contracts from various government organizations to help in fulfilling their needs. For instance, Northrup Grumman worked with NASA to send a cargo supply spacecraft to the International Space Station on February 19th.   


For any industry professional staying up to date about the latest developments in the field is critical. Therefore, as we continue to see new developments, job seekers will soon have the chance to work on exciting projects.