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HEPCO’s COO Speaks on HRCI Webinar about filling company vacancies.

On Wednesday, November 10th, COO Christopher Kasker , who is also a retired lieutenant colonel, spoke on the webinar “How to Access an Amazing Source of Qualified Talent for your Vacancies” hosted by HRCI. Chris was joined by Chief Warrant Officer Four Kymila (Kym) Cheese, PHR.   

Speaking from his experiences in the U.S Army, Chris spoke about his current journey with the HRCI Certification process and how his experiences in the military helped him cultivate his HR and leadership skills. Additionally, Chris talked about how HR professionals may want to approach servicemen and women transitioning into their private citizen lives.    

Throughout the webinar, Chris spoke about unique qualifications and skills veterans developed that make veterans attractive to employers.    

To watch the entire webinar, please click here to tune into this fantastic advice.