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10 Benefits of Temporary and Contract Work 

At HEPCO, INC., we specialize in placing our qualified candidates in temporary and contract work positions. By offering payroll and temporary to permanent solutions, we aim to match our clients with highly qualified individuals ready to take on the challenge of temporary work.  

With nearly 50 years of experience in staffing the IT, Telecom, and Engineering industries, HEPCO is dedicated to offering solutions that benefit all our customers.   

In honor of 2021’s National Staffing Employee Week, we have compiled a list of all the benefits of working as a temporary or contract employee.   

1. Jobs that are both rewarding and challenging 

Working one-on-one with a recruiter gives job seekers the chance to identify what they are good at and what they want to do next. By working with an expert in the employment field, job seekers will have access to a wealth of information to help them land their dream role. HEPCO is proud of our ability to match our clients’ goals and experience to give them a job they will find rewarding and challenging.  

 2. Working with multiple elite clients   

Temporary workers, especially those through HEPCO, have the chance to work with big clients they might have never gotten the opportunity to work with if they applied for a job on their own. This helps build strong connections and gives one the chance to find a permanent role with a company they might not have been employed by without a recruiter’s help.    

3. Working in Different Industries 

Working as a contractor means you might have the opportunity to gain exposure to different industries. For example, in one position, you can be doing IT for a transportation company, like New York City Transit, and the next role can be for a power and utility company. Exposure to different industries helps one become a jack of all trades and opens one up to more roles in the future. 

4. Ability to grow one’s professional network   

For those who work on multiple contract jobs, a temporary worker allows them to meet individuals from all over their industry and develop connections they can rely on for advice, guidance, or a friendly face in their field.   

5. Possibility of a flexible schedule.   

Temporary work might also allow you to work hours that fit your schedule or only work on an as- needed basis for those looking to add part-time work to their schedule. An ASA survey reports 20% of contractor workers choose temporary work because of its flexible schedule.   

6. Chance for permanent work  

Temporary and contract work is an effective way to test if the company aligns with your values and if the company likes you, it can lead to a permanent role. 

7. Recruiters can match you with roles that fulfill your goals.   

By working with a recruiter, they will be able to find you a role that will help you achieve your career goals. 

8. Steppingstone for in-between work 

If you have found yourself out of work for an extended period, picking up a temporary job might be the perfect solution as you search for a permanent position. Not only will you be able to make money but create essential connections to landing a permanent job.  ASA has found that 64% of employees become temporary workers between full-time positions.  

9. Improve project management skills.  

Working on a time-sensitive project will teach you how to work efficiently and strategically in accomplishing the task for contract workers under a tight deadline.   

10. Create Work-Life Balance   

As an IT, Telecom, and Engineering Staffing Agency, HEPCO is proud to offer all our job seekers the chance to find a job that works for their professional and personal life.   


To all our temporary and contract workers, HEPCO would like to thank you again for your dedication and commitment to making HEPCO the best we can be. Because of these benefits, we enjoy coming to work each day as we find our job seekers the best role for them.