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How to Become the Job Applicant Every Employer Wants

As we are slowly entering a new phase of the workforce, it is essential to stand out among all the other job applicants competing for the same position. Establishing the hiring manager or your recruiter, that you are the best candidate for the job is a combination of skill and confidence.   

Skill to accurately depict yourself as a highly qualified candidate who is the perfect fit for the job. And the confidence that you will be able to exceed all of the hiring manager’s expectations.  

Acquiring the skill to speak of yourself and your abilities comes with practice. Practice is what will allow you to answer questions confidently and always give you something to say.   

One way is by sitting in front of a mirror and answering the top ten interview questions. You will have unlimited chances to answer the question but will be able to find the best response that highlights your skills. Interviewing for a job, is not solely about how qualified you are, but also about how you communicate with others and your ability to fit into the company’s culture.   

The skill of presenting yourself also comes with creating an accurate resume with your education, and your level of expertise in your chosen career. The most important thing to not do on your resume is lie. Not only are you wasting your time by trying to interview for a position you won’t get. But you are wasting your recruiter and hiring managers time, on an unqualified candidate. Lying about your skills can even make your hiring manager, less likely to help you find a position that does fit your needs.   

Another great interviewing tip is to have a mental collection of case study stories, that you can easily recall during your conversation. These stories should include, a problem you discovered within your workplace, the solution you found, and the steps you took to fix the issue. Additionally, it shows your hard skills in the engineering, IT, and telecom fields as you are able to fix a problem in a professional and timely manner.   

Cultivating confidence in a job interview depends on how you carry yourself, although being overly confident is not good. That is why you have to find a balance between the two, showing confidence in your ability and eagerness to learn more, without appearing arrogant. An excellent way to show confidence is by smiling when you meet with the hiring manager. People not only will smile back at you, but research shows smiling makes a person seem courteous and likable. Smiling can go a long way to show that you are outgoing and open to new possibilities.   

When sitting down for the interview, it’s essential to sit up straight, and when you are stuck on how to answer a question, instead of saying “um,” take a two-second pause, collect your thoughts and then respond. You not only sound more confident, but you are portraying how you handle yourself.   

Employers are not only looking for a highly qualified client, but they want someone professional and committed to succeeding at their job. Having a decent resume and just passively applying to jobs, will no longer get you the job you desire. Landing a job is much more than how you present yourself on paper, but in person, too, by practicing your interview skills and displaying a face of confidence.