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Great Recruiters Certified 2023

HEPCO Inc. proudly announces its Great Recruiters Certified 2023 status, granted by Great Recruiters, the leading experience management platform for the recruiting and staffing sector.

Being Great Recruiters Certified (GR Certified) is a top distinction for recruiting and staffing firms that prioritize a great experience for their candidates, clients, and placed talent. It involves actively seeking feedback, incorporating it into business processes, displaying reviews and ratings, and demonstrating a commitment to the highest level of recruitment practices.

“HEPCO Inc. is proud to be recognized as GR Certified, showcasing our dedication to excellence and commitment to providing exceptional experiences for candidates and clients,” said Chris Kasker, HEPCO Inc. COO. “This achievement reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards and meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations.”

“Last year saw major game changes in recruiting and staffing, not the least of which is the growing impact of candidate and client experience on agency success,” said Adam Conrad, Great Recruiters CXO. “Our 2023 GR Certified staffing firms don’t just talk about creating great experiences—they actually do it. These winners truly are the future of the recruiting and staffing industry.”

Check out all the reviews on HEPCO’s Great Recruiters Profile Page.  Then take a look at the open jobs page and apply and wait to hear from one of our fantastic recruiters.

About HEPCO Inc.

Celebrating its 50th year in business, HEPCO Inc. is a leading staffing company connecting exceptional talent with organizations across industries. With a passionate team and a focus on unparalleled service, HEPCO Inc. strives to deliver outstanding experiences to candidates and clients. The GR Certified title further validates their dedication to innovation and establishing trust as a reliable recruitment partner.

About Great Recruiters:

Great Recruiters was founded in 2017 with a simple mission to increase trust and transparency in the recruitment industry. Great Recruiters provide its clients with a simple and meaningful way to capture, act-pon, measure, and promote real-time feedback from those they serve. In an industry with low barriers to entry, Great Recruiters believes it is imperative to help job seekers find and identify great recruiters and staffing companies that can help serve their needs.